an animated series

A series dedicated to shining the light on issues we all face in our young adult ages.  Relationships, professionalism, scandals, dreamers, and mental health.  NinetyTwo is an exploration of becoming who you’re destined to be.  It’s about young people on their search to find their purpose while breaking down how we tend to overanalyze life.

Meet The Characters

Theme Song

We wanted to make sure the song represented a cut-to-chase story to represent what the show would be about.  I worked closely with one of my very talented friends and fellow artist, LV.   The song itself is extremely catchy, and immediately swoons the listener.  This show is definitely something to remember. 


Caige Jones is the owner of the wildly popular editorial website: NINETYTWO - A Social Club. Although her friends help run different sections of the site, Caige writes the advice column while managing the whole operation. Her readers pleas for guidance revolve around identity in the era of social media and dual lives. The experiences that she shares with her readers demonstrate how the world we indulge online can impact real world health and relationships.

Caige’s column explores common issues that plague social media, revealing the serious effects on her readers. These virtual traumas resonate deeply with her. As she unpacks online harassment, stalking, catfishing, the pressure of digital perfection, and so many other risks with social media, Caige examines her own social presence and mental health. It becomes clear just how easily the emotional abuse, violation of trust and privacy, and mass scrutiny can break someone’s sense of self. Caige does what she can to help others cope and manage things like anxiety, depression, and paranoia, all while trying to keep her own composure.