chompions league

tHE Dilemma

The Cleveland Browns wanted to generate a new target audience

The Solution

Created a gaming league (Chompions League) geared towards next-generation fans, and unlock access to a $180-billion-dollar industry.

$180-Billion-Dollar Industry

Opened up additional revenue opportunities through creating the programming.

2k Lead Generation

Within 24-hours of releasing the program, the Cleveland Browns gained 2k in lead generation.

Influencer Strategies

Created a new opportunity for collaboration and networking within the gaming industry amongst influencers.

Created the brand, Go-to-market Strategy, structure, and oversaw all project management in the creation of Chompions League.

Marketing Strategy
Audience Research
Organizational Dev.
Community Creation
Creative Direction

chompions league marketing

Social Promotion

data & metrics

key performance indicators


for winners of the tournament, we had to acquire meaningful prizes:

What is chompions league?

Chompions League press

  1. WKYC – Cleveland Browns launch ‘Chompions League’ Esports league
  2. Go Rival – In collaboration with Rival, the National Football League’s (NFL) Cleveland Browns launched “Chompions League.
  3. Sports Business Journal – Rival partners with Browns for third NFL gaming community.
  4. Cleveland Browns – Browns launch ‘Chompions League’ gaming community through Rival partnership.
  5. WTOL – Cleveland Browns launch ‘Chompions League’ Esports league.

Personal Goal: I wanted to create a space for the younger demographic and also provide an opportunity for all Clevelanders.  Being from the city, I wanted to give people another outlet to network and enjoy the company of others.  I focused primarily on marketing to local influencers to help build their name and network in a larger space.  The Browns are working eagerly to be more hands-on in the community, and the gaming community was a heavy miss.

Focuses: Sports, Sports Marketing, Gaming, Younger Demographic, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, NFL, E-Sports, Rival, Cleveland Browns, National Football League, Myles Garrett, Chompions League, Haslam Sports Group.

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