chompions league

tHE Dilemma

The Cleveland Browns wanted to generate a new target audience

The Solution

Created a gaming league (Chompions League) geared towards next-generation fans, and unlock access to a $180-billion-dollar industry.

$180-Billion-Dollar Industry

Opened up additional revenue opportunities through creating the programming.

2k Lead Generation

Within 24-hours of releasing the program, the Cleveland Browns gained 2k in lead generation.

Influencer Strategies

Created a new opportunity for collaboration and networking within the gaming industry amongst influencers.

Created the brand, Go-to-market Strategy, structure, and oversaw all project management in the creation of Chompions League.

Marketing Strategy
Audience Research
Organizational Dev.
Community Creation
Creative Direction
Product Development

chompions league marketing

Social Promotion

data & metrics

key performance indicators


for winners of the tournament, we had to acquire meaningful prizes:

What is chompions league?

Chompions League press

  1. WKYC – Cleveland Browns launch ‘Chompions League’ Esports league
  2. Go Rival – In collaboration with Rival, the National Football League’s (NFL) Cleveland Browns launched “Chompions League.
  3. Sports Business Journal – Rival partners with Browns for third NFL gaming community.
  4. Cleveland Browns – Browns launch ‘Chompions League’ gaming community through Rival partnership.
  5. WTOL – Cleveland Browns launch ‘Chompions League’ Esports league.

Personal Goal: I wanted to create a space for the younger demographic and also provide an opportunity for all Clevelanders.  Being from the city, I wanted to give people another outlet to network and enjoy the company of others.  I focused primarily on marketing to local influencers to help build their name and network in a larger space.  The Browns are working eagerly to be more hands-on in the community, and the gaming community was a heavy miss.

Focuses: Sports, Sports Marketing, Gaming, Younger Demographic, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, NFL, E-Sports, Rival, Cleveland Browns, National Football League, Myles Garrett, Chompions League, Haslam Sports Group.