don x darius

darius garland and donovan mitchell

EXPERIENTIAL EVENTS / brand management

Lee orchestrated a unique collaboration between the Cavaliers and the Browns, a move that welcomed Donovan Mitchell to Cleveland when he was drafted to the Cavaliers. This initiative also shed light on Darius Garland as one of the key figures within the Cavaliers’ lineup, eventually forming the dynamic duo of the team.

The objective behind this endeavor was to foster cross-promotion and unity within Cleveland sports, creating an environment where different teams could work together. Additionally, the effort aimed to give Donovan Mitchell an informal yet warm welcome to the city of Cleveland.

live-moment press

  1. Watch Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell smash a Steelers guitar before Thursday night’s Browns game.
  2. Cavs’ Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland serve as Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound captains.
  3. Cavaliers’ Donovan Mitchell opens Browns game as ‘Dawg Pound Captain,’ smashes Steelers guitar pregame.