The Release:

A Solo Exhibition.

a solo exhibition to celebrate the expedition of creating a minority focused animated series. all proceeds went towards the operations and design of an upcoming animated series created by saintvi.

For this show I really wanted to let go of a lot of things that I feel I had on my plate. The representation of the balloon was something that my very first therapist, put into my mind. A lot of times we hold on to things and they build up until we can no longer take it.  Then later we blow up over something that didn’t deserve that much energy. 

My therapist told me to tie my emotional instability to a balloon and let it go, and with that each piece has its own character its own thoughts and carries it’s own burden.  Some people I know that share similar burden so this was my way of being able to communicate to them that they’re not alone. The entire show aimed to shed light on mental health, hoping to become my own release.

The Performance

LV & Braxton

two very talented musicians in the city created a theme song that was absolutely perfect for the show and what it represents. Check out their performance video below.