The number 6 (Roman Numeral VI) 6 represents being half-way to your goal. 6 means Since years and other measurements are conducted in lots of 12, 6 shows that we are always ALMOST there.  There is no finish line until the end, remember that. According to the church, the pope/preacher does not make anyone a saint — the designation of sainthood only recognizes what God has already done. 

We will never be done. God has already decided the work we must do; follow your calling.



"Working with her has upped my game and vision. Leanne has truly opened my eyes when it comes to my artistry."

See Things Like Never Before.

“I like to truly dive into every project sent my way.  I’ve had many opportunities where I have left an imprint that has changed the views of those I’ve worked with.  I never do anything I’m not passionate about, and that’s why I am great at what I do!”

The best way to win is to be yourself – Leanne prides herself in being charismatic, quirky, and all about the ART!

jack of all trades


She's been apart of 4+ Art Shows both nationally and internationally.  Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, and Ipswich, England (UK).  Connect with her for collaborations, shows/events, and more!

Creative Direction

Working with various artists - Leanne has worked on several video and photoshoot concepts.  Partner with her to give your music and shoots vision. Very fun to collaborate with, she will execute any idea given to her.


As the owner of, a full-service branding agency, Leanne focuses on building and selling brands and marketing services, including web design, social media management, and more.

Public Relations

Digital, Social Media & more with Leanne. She helps build, grow & protect brands and reputations across all industries.


With an abundance of creativity, comes words that need to explain it.  Leanne has written over 12 short stories (for clients), self-published her own animated series, and wrote on 4 songs.