On Da Flo - Photoshoot

Sat down with Iddack to discuss his new clothing line ‘ODF’, during our photoshoot project.  “On da flo” is a movement, “no matter how you put it, it means it’s happening, it’s making something a reality “You hitten the club tonight? oh, it’s on da flo.” – “You get that new job? It’s on da flo”.” -IddAck Empowering.

When it comes to the industry he’s is not shy putting his talents in every department. His merchandise is one of the hottest selling lines in Cleveland, OH. The quality of these sets are absolutely amazing. He’s worked with his team every step of the way, from connecting with the distributor, the graphic artist, and including himself in the overall manufacturing of the garments. Very hands-on as a creative.

Client: IddAck

Role: Project Manager, Creative Director, Set Director,