1. She is a sports and music professional that has worked with A and B-list artists, including Snoop Dogg, Jaylen Ramsey, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Fear of God, the Dallas Cowboys, and many more.
  2. Top-tier Creative Visionary Lee is a force to be wrecken with.
  3. Lee is a serial entrepreneur.
  4. With A Breathtaking Portfolio, Leanne Jones Is Proving That in The Creative Industry, There Is Nothing She Cannot Do
  5. Leanne Jones is a force to be reckoned with in the creative industry with her arsenal of visionary thinking
  6. The multidimensional artist employs her down-to-earth personality and a defined vision and direction to lead a range of highly successful creative projects
  7. Day & Night Exotic Cereal Bar aims to open this summer in Ohio City
  8. Day and Night Cereal Bar brings unique experience to Ohio City
  9. The Women of the Cleveland Browns share their stories, detail the impact they make all across the organization
  10. With such a unique perspective on life, Lee has been able to work in various capacities expanding basic thinking into strategic visual solutions.
  11. Renowned Publicist, Leanne Jones, has helped celebrities and athletes create generational wealth by expanding their income opportunities.
  12. The experienced brand strategist has done wonders for her existing clientele to grow their brand and help secure their future.
  13. Lee Jones helps her clientele grow their brand and help secure their future in a world, many athletes and celebrities don’t fully capitalize on.
  14. Leanne Jones has been able to help her clients of celebrities, athletes, and brands capitalize on their popularity to grow income streams.
  15. Leanne has helped her clients get featured in major ways.
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  17. Midwest News Net