Caught Up In The Rapture


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It looks so nice doesn’t it? Beautiful in every direction that you turn. Accepted by all because of the smile on her face but inside she’s tearing herself apart trying to make sense of everything. Could you imagine a world that urges you to pull forward because your destiny shines much greater than you’re allowing it to be? Have you ever been your own hinderance?

Anxiety feels like a completely different person. When you’re not in the headspace to be who you are everyday. When you take yourself out of events and spaces that could ‘potentially’ send you into an attack, it feels like you’re being held back from everything God put in the world for you to conquer.

It’s hard to imagine life without Anxiety at some point. Because it’s a person… it’s the most toxic person you’ll ever meet. You have no choice but to respect it’s name, never forget to capitalize the first letter, Anxiety wants her props.

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