Emotional Support Dog


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Where would I be without you? You stink, you’re feisty, you pee on things for ownership, you are superrrrrr spoiled. You’re there for me in moments of despair when I’m sitting on the floor of the bathroom at 3 a.m. with the shower on. You’re there to lick my tears when I’m too emotional for words, and I still don’t know if you just enjoy the salty taste, or if your whimpering means that you understand what I’m feeling. You protect me at all costs, even when you’re too little to do anything. I mean dude you have a hard time dragging your toys because they are heavier than you. But you’re protective. You’ve been by my side since college. You were snuck into dorm rooms and apartment complex after apartment complex. You’ve witnessed births of nieces and nephews. You’ve been kept in purses and dufflebags oversized. You’ve been there. Every step of the way, and it’s crazy how much I rely on you. I love you to the moon and back, stink breath and all.

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