Hidden Behind Your Mask




48″ x 24″

I would hate to see that you’re not the person you said you would be. We shared secrets and you know so much about my fears that if I leave you alone I have to kill you. I won’t, but I would have to consider all options right? You did hide it very well I must say. You were my friend, ace-boon-coon. Is that what I will say at your funeral? I mean I said I wasn’t going to kill you, so this is just in general. Do I even get to attend? Everyone would question why I’m there based on our history, but when I bring the mask that you had on when I met you they might understand more.

Your mother would ask me why I did this and that, and what I was thinking. Your dad would scoff and say that you did some dumb things growing up but in the end it’s my fault for remaining at your side. Going to church together, you coming to all my games in support, you teaching me the art culture, you growing with me… did all of that really happen? Or was the person behind the mask view our friendship differently?

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24" x 48"