Man On The Moon


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Sometimes I feel you watching over me. You give this sweet awareness that covers my entire body and I immediately feel protected. I call you God, I call you grandad, I call you auntie, I call you friend. You are everlasting and it’s getting to the point that it makes me nervous. When you die where do you go? Are you safer than you were before? Will I meet another you in my lifetime? Will people ever get to share a love close to the one that you gave me? I have so many questions of existence since you left.

Your death proposed that life is not eternal and the moment people stop thinking about your existence is when you belong no more. Should I think about you forever. Is there a love like yours elsewhere? Should I search for you? Every night before I go to sleep I pray that YOU watch over me… you’re not easy letting go of. It still hurts.

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