On Edge




24″ x 48″

A little on edge here. Where do I go? I see that everything looks greener on the other side, but shit… if I jump right now… I am going to plummet to my death. I am going to fall face first and all the things I gathered in my book bag to make it this far will be on top of a dead body.  I stopped myself, here on edge. I ended wars with people that wanted to continue throwing grenades my way. I stopped gossiping about people to make myself feel better about my position.  I ended thoughts that made me think about ways I could get back at the people that did me wrong.  I have been growing and moving forward, why am I on the edge now? I played by the rules. I created a yellow brick for myself and invited people to walk on the path that I created, hell I even let them create their own road and branch off of me. Why am I ON EDGE?

I think about it everyday, should let go of my back pack of accomplishments? Am I holding onto too much?  With all those accomplishments I also carry the weight of what it took to call them accomplishments. Maybe I should keep the title and let go of the struggle that got me there….

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24" x 48"