The Power of Difference




24″ x 48″

We are all culprits of hiding our most insecure differences from one another.  We are afraid of what you might think or say, how you might change in the way you’re treating us. The fact is there is so much power in difference could you imagine life without it.  We are starting to live in a world where everyone is getting surgery to look like someone who doesn’t exist naturally. Your flaws are the most important part of this world.  You are what makes this world vast, different, and full of inspiration.  Your “flaw” is beautiful to soooooo many people because it reminds us all that life is real, and that being a human is the hardest, most rewarding part of it all.

I hope you’re able to release the fear you have of being great and shining through all your imperfections.  You are the light the world needs to see.  You are the emotion the world needs to feel.  You are for the world, and you are universal.  That’s the power of difference.

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24" x 48"