You Are The Light




You are so different now. You were once so soft, now you seem so tough. You were once loving, open, kind, now you ride in your own lane avoiding the crash you feel with anyone else. But are you happy? Regardless of the outsiders, are you happy? Forgetting what they might think of you, how they might treat you, are you happy? I think you forgot your light. I think you were so consumed with darkness that you personally got out of bed and turned your light off. Rightfully so, you wanted no one to think you were home, so you turned off all the lights, and only answered the phone for people that could light up your home for a moment.

I think you forgot that you are the light, and you can never be powered off. That’s why people cling to you. That’s why they hang off every word, push you and motivate you at every turn, tell you that you deserve better, tell you that you are perfect, tell you that you are loved. Or maybe that’s why they don’t. Light is so powerful that sometimes people in the dark just want to be there for a while because the light can be too bright for them. It’s not you, or maybe it is…. you have to be okay with that, but either way you have to shine.